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Want your logo here? Contact Us to learn about sponsorship opportunities, levels and perks.

Joining - annually - is the first way you can support and engage with the PTA!  Membership fees allow us to maintain our registration with the National PTA Association and are a critical source of funding for the budget shortfalls our school experiences!


We offer a variety of membership levels.  Higher membership levels include greater recognition and promotion.


Members have access to our real-time directory, are offered members-only discounts on events, and are included in the communication and happenings of the PTA.  Our teachers and fellow parents deeply appreciate each any every member.


This year we have a goal to attain 100 members!  Help us by being the next one and getting three friends to join!  Hope to meet you soon at an upcoming PTA All Member Meeting or Happy Hour!


Note:  Registering an account with Membership Toolkit gives you access to public aspects of our site but you are not a member until you click "join now" and complete our membership form with payment.


Please reach out with any questions you may have!





Blue Ribbon Membership - $1000

Your contribution of $1,000 is enough to fund one core programmatic enhancement, such as leadership training, Million Word Reader program, and more.  It is these unique programs that attract students to our school and help us retain our Blue Ribbon status!


Gold Membership - $750

Your contribution of $750 is enough to send one teacher to a professional development conference or to pay for the necessary licensing for the school's software and educational enhancement tools.   Now more than ever, teachers need access to the software tools that allow them to adapt their teaching (and students’ preparedness) in line with today’s technological advances.  Greater teacher training ensures your student is learning the latest and greatest!


Silver Membership - $500

Your contribution of $500 is enough to provide invaluable equipment for 1 elective/specialty area classroom!  Whether it is instruments for our music class or better art media to expand our kids' artistic exposure - your funds will be put to good use!


Bronze Membership - $250

Your contribution of $250 is enough to supply one classroom with the annual supplies our teachers are so desperately seeking!  Particularly in a time of unique distancing, the ability for teachers to have the right supplies to bring their lessons home is critical to the education of our students.


Top Tier Membership Benefits Blue Ribbon through Bronze):  These levels of membership includes all of the benefits of the lower tiers, including -

  • Membership for up to 2 parents/guardians/adults.
  • Membership for all minors in the household (as applicable).
  • Members-only discounts to events, on sale items & spirit wear, and more.
  • Early-access registration to ticketed events and promotions.
  • Live access to our membership directory.

Additionally, they receive name recognition (tiered by contribution level) in the Sanibel School's Weekly Reporter, the Island Reporter newspaper, on our Blue Ribbon board, website/social media, and more.



Core Membership - $50

This core membership level is our bread and butter.  These dedicated members come back year after year to help support and engage with our school!  Even a contribution of $50 is enough to provide 5 lunches to a single teacher during the the year to show them we are thinking of them and rooting for them!

  • At this level, in addition to members-only directory access & available discounts, you receive registration for up to TWO parents/guardians/adults (as well as the minors in your household, as applicable).


Individual Membership - $25

All members are deeply valued & make a difference!  We see the power of one in every event and initiative we undertake!  By showing your support on an individual basis, you garner access to our happenings & can grow your connection to the school.  Every bit counts and a contribution of $25 can provide Accelerated Reading (AR) recognition rewards for 1 student for the year!   

  • At this level, in addition to members-only directory access & available discounts, you receive registration for up to ONE parents/guardians/adult.

Note:  We do not want finances to hold anyone or any families back from becoming a member!  If times are tough, we have scholarships available for a few core and individual membership packages.  Please contact a board member.